Brunch Menu

To Begin…


FRUIT PLATE Seasonal fruit, honey-fromage blanc   11

IRON SKILLET CORNBREAD with lavender honey butter 2pc- 6$  4pc- 9$   6pc.-13$

TOASTED BAGUETTE with house made strawberry jam, apple butter and sweet butter  3

YOGURT & FRUIT PARFAIT vanilla yogurt, market fruit and granola  11

GLAZED PORK BELLY lightly smoked Kurabuta belly, roasted apple, baguette crostini

Maple pork glaze 10

ARGENTINE EMPANADA hand cut beef, currants, olive, hard egg, Chimichurri sauce  11

ROASTED BEET SALAD avocado, farmstead blue cheese, wild arugula, cucumber, pickled onion

maldon salt, lemon vinaigrette  11

ORGANIC GREENS cherry tomatoes, cucumber, shaved fennel, fromage Blanc, toasted almonds

fine herb vinaigrette  9     add chicken breast +7

HOUSE CURED SALMON GRAVLAX toasted bagels, cream cheese, red onion, cherry tomato, capers   16

SEARED AHI TUNA NIÇOISE SALAD seared bigeye tuna, crispy egg, potato, haricots verts,

niçoise olives, cherry tomatoes, frisée and arugula, lemon vinaigrette  18

 PROSCIUTTO BRUSCHETTA Toasted olive bread, Prosciutto di Parma, lemon marinated pearl mozzarella with crème fraiche, Calabrian chili, micro greens  11

SOUP of the day  7


QUICHE with organic greens, fruit or cup of soup  16

BUTTERMILK PANCAKES with organic strawberries, Vermont maple syrup 14

CHILAQUILES scrambled eggs, house tortillas, cascabel chili cream, avocado, Tasso ham, cheddar cheese, Pico d’gallo, lime crème Frâiche 14

EGGS BENEDICT Canadian bacon, artisan English muffin, herb hollandaise, peperonata potato cake  17

CAGE FREE EGGS ANY STYLE smoked bacon or breakfast sausage, peperonata potato cake 14

TOFU SCRAMBLE marinated tofu with ginger, turmeric sautéed with green onions and baby spinach

Pico d’gallo, avocado and peperonata potato cake  15

SHRIMP AND GRITS two poached eggs, Florida pink prawns, Andouille Sausage, sweet peppers

White cheddar grits, sweet pea leaves and hollandaise sauce  23

            PULLED PORK AND EGG TACO cheddar cheese, house made tortillas, avocado

Pico d’gallo, black beans,  16         

KOBE FLATIRON STEAK & EGGS bordelaise sauce, any style eggs, peperonata potato cake, fruit  21

FISH TACOS grilled catch of the day, cheddar, black beans, house made tortillas, Pico de gallo, slaw, buttermilk-chili-lime dressing  15

SOUTHWEST TAMALE chipotle pulled pork shoulder, green chili, black beans, jack cheese, chili lime slaw, cilantro dressing, cascabel chili sauce  20

KOBE HANGER STEAK FRITES bordelaise, Sausalito watercress, chili d’espelette-parmesan fries  31

HOUSE GROUND KOBé BURGER whole grain mustard aioli, house made pickles,

chili d’espelette-parmesan fries    14

add…cheddar, swiss, blue, bacon, portobello, or locally farmed egg    2ea

GRACE’S GRILLED CHICKEN CLUB rosemary aioli, grilled onion, provolone, butter lettuce, bacon

Avocado, tomato on focaccia, house made pickles, with root vegetable chips  16


Chili d’Espelette-parmesan fries or onion Rings $5
Fingerling potatoes with olio nuovo $5
Anson mills white cheddar grits $5
Smoked Bacon $4
Chicken-Apple Sausage $4
Potato Cake With Peperonata $4
Garden Pickles $4
Black Beans with Pico De Gallo $4
1 Pancake $4
Cup of Fruit $4
1 Egg $2
Baguette Toast $2
House Made Jam $2
Mini Bagel $2