Supper Menu

To Begin…

Iron Skillet Cornbread with lavender honey butter 6

4 piece 9               6 Piece 13

Argentinean Empanada hand cut beef, currants, olive, hard egg, chimichurri sauce 11

 Glazed Pork Belly wine barrel smoked Kurabuta belly, roasted Apricot, baguette crostini 12

Grilled Goat Cheese Cheese marinated and wrapped in a grape leaf, grilled apricot, aged balsamic

Toasted Baguette 15

Oregon Bay Shrimp and Corn Fritters with Romesco Sauce and Basil Aioli

Chili d’espellette and baby watercress 13

Seared Ahi Salad seared bigeye tuna, crispy egg, potato, haricots verts, olives

frisee and mâché lettuce, lemon vinaigrette 18

 Roasted Beet Salad avocado, farmstead blue cheese, mâché lettuce, pickled onion

maldon salt, lemon vinaigrette 11

 Organic Greens Easter egg radishes, cucumber, shaved fennel, fromage Blanc,

cherry tomatoes, toasted almonds and fine herb vinaigrette 9

with chicken breast +7, with hanger steak +9

Soup house made daily selection 7


Southwest Tamale chipotle pulled pork shoulder, green chili, black beans

jack cheese, chili lime slaw, cilantro dressing, cascabel chili sauce 20

Potato Gnocchi English peas, basil pesto, cherry tomatoes pine nuts and parmesan 19

Atlantic Sea Scallop Risotto    Sweet corn, summer squash and melted leek risotto

Regianno Parmigiano, cherry tomatoes and Basil 31

local Halibutwilted pea vines with roasted fingerling potatoes, sweet onion, peas and

preserved lemon Salsa Criolla 32

Roasted Young Chicken Garden Ratatouille; eggplant, summer squash, peppers, tomato, basil

baby watercress and red verjus pan sauce 24

Cassoulet  duck confit, pork Shoulder, boudin blanc sausage, garlic sausage, butter beans,

garlic bread crumbs 27

Hanger Steak Frites bordelaise, sausalito watercress, chili d’espelette-parmesan fries 29

House Ground Chuck Burger whole grain mustard aioli, house made pickles

chili d’espelette-parmesan fries 13

add…cheddar, swiss, blue, bacon, portabello, locally farmed egg +2 EACH


Garden Ratatouille $6
Roasted Fingerling potatoes $6
Grilled corn, lime, butter, cotija cheese, chili $6
Chili d’Espelette-parmesan fries or onion rings $5
Butter Bean Ragout $5
Wilted Pea Vines with olive oil $5
House made garden pickles $4
Root vegetable chips $4
House Cole Slaw $4